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Full Changelog list -

Changelog for v0.62-Feb 24 @ 12:51pm

[Added] Help menu/beginner guide in game
[Added] Help menu button to inventory screen
[Added] functions for help menu to be display on first log in after new patch
[Added] framework and functions for roaming AI
[Added] 50 random roaming, player like AI
[Added] map edit in Zelenogorsk
[Changed] rain has less effect on player's temperature
[Changed] players can no longer get overheated by being near a camp fire
[Changed] AI heli functions to fix some of their waypoint issues
[Fixed] issue with dead zombies
[Fixed] custom placed hospitals having unbreakable glass

Changelog for v0.61-Feb 14 @ 7:52pm

[Added] new melee weapon - baseball bat
[Added] ability to knockout zombies for a short duration with baseball bat
[Added] %100 damaged engines in vehicles will now cause vehicle to blow up (instead of just %100 damaged fuel tanks)
[Added] new melee weapon - Katana (thanks to Dark Eregion!)
[Added] crafting recipe to create a fireplace with 4 sticks
[Added] custom map edit at NWAF entrance

[Changed] Zombies will now die in one hit from all melee weapons EXCEPT for the baseball bat
[Changed] All server events (heli crashes, AI heli, barrels, trash boxes, radTown, vehicle wrecks) now have individual item rarity
[Changed] message/notification system now fades in and out
[Changed] functions to show item icons in message/notification
[Changed] all crafting goes through 1 function instead of 2

[Fixed] issue that caused zombies to knock players out while in a vehicle
[Fixed] issue where completely %100 damaged vehicles would refuse to blow up

[Removed] legacy code that is no longer being used

Changelog for v0.60-Feb 6 @ 11:50am

[Added] models for Ak74 barrel, buttstock, pistol grip, and upper receiver
[Added] ability to craft Ak74
[Added] models for m16 upper and lower receivers
[Added] ability to craft m16
[Added] 16 new zombie uniforms (Thanks to MaLPaSo!)
[Added] 3 new zombie faces/skins (Thanks to MaLPaSo!)
[Added] Dynamic temperature system. Takes into account time of day, inside buildings, wearing a jacket, near fires, using heatpacks, moving, inside vehicles, in water, rain, overcast, wind, and clothing.
[Added] HUD for temperature next to health, hunger, thirst, and stamina
[Added] negative effects from being too hot or too cold. Too hot with drain thirst faster and if too high, lose health. Too cold will make the player sick and add screen shake effect
[Added] Temperature on HUD will now slowly turn blue or red while heating up or cooling down
[Added] Temperature on HUD will flash between solid white and blue/red when you are too cold or too hot
[Added] created loot spawn positions for 6 building types, thanks to CUP for creating new interiors!

[Changed] functions to allow weapon crafting to work with current crafting functions
[Changed] loot tables for vests. Any vest that has visible ammo pouches have be removed from lower end and civilian loot tables
[Changed] loot tables for jackets. Any Jacket now has a chance to spawn in nearly any building but at a reduced rate
[Changed] Heat Packs now serve a purpose and have been put on the lower end loot tables (instead of just at hospitals)
[Changed] day/night cycle is slightly longer now
[Changed] fixed some loot spawn positions on 4 building types
[Changed] message/notification system to be a bit more reliant and organized

[Fixed] exploit with getting scrap metal from certain vehicle wrecks on Chernarus (will be fixed when A3 patch 1.67+ hits)
[Fixed] HUD elements improperly overlapping either other
[Fixed] issue at Shogunogorsk where you could not open doors on some of the new CUP buildings
[Fixed] issue with safes not taking durability damage

[Removed] 2 props at radTown that caused errors from CUP update

Changelog for v0.59-Jan 11 @ 11:26pm

[Added] link to wikipedia page on lobby screen
[Added] chernarus map's bushes to search through bush functions
[Added] chernarus map's trees to chop down tree functions
[Added] chernarus map's rocks to mine rock functions
[Added] black, blue, brown, green, grey, red, white, and yellow armbands
[Added] 6 new zombie uniforms - thanks to MaLPaSo!
[Added] ability to craft armbands using 1 cloth
[Added] map edits at Balota on Chernarus
[Added] map edits at Stary on Chernarus
[Added] parameters for radTown on chernarus
[Added] map edits at Northwest Airfield
[Added] map edits at Berezino
[Added] 1 new zombie face and arms texture (thanks to MaLPaSo!)

[Changed] search through bush functions have a weighted loot table + rarity for items
[Changed] hammer texture
[Changed] text notifications now stack on top of each other and last longer on your screen

[Fixed] issue where flip vehicle wouldn't flip the vehicle over
[Fixed] slight visual glitch with building menu on hammer
[Fixed] log errors with loot spawning
[Fixed] issue that caused ground fog to not last the entire night time
[Fixed] issue that caused player to die on spawn in (chernarus)
[Fixed] players will now spawn properly on top of sleeping bags

[Removed] entirety of the group system
[Removed] 2 building types from Open Chernarus Project Mod that was spawning too high in the air

Changelog for v0.21- Dec 21, 2015 @ 10:54pm

-Complete rehaul of server's vehicle backend 
-Vehicles will now save each part's damage 
-Vehicles on restart will correctly assign damage to parts that were damaged 
-Stripped out old vehicle repair system 
-Implemented new vehicle repair system that allows players to repair a specific part 
-Fixed an issue with some loot spawning that was causing errors to pop up 
-Optimized fresh vehicle spawning 
-Fresh spawn vehicles will now spawn in with random damage, and random fuel levels 
-On server restart, each vehicle will decay...slowly 
-Created a "food" loot table and added general stores to it 
-Implemented vehicle salvage system 
-Salvage system has a %10 chance to fail - will destroy part in process 
-A Wrench is needed for repairing or salvaging vehicles 
-Wrench uses before breaking has been change to 15 (up from 10) 
-Created lumber, plywood, and sheet metal objects as attachable vehicle parts 
-Created a metal spike object that can be attached to a vehicle 
-Modified blood effects to stand out more - better confirmation of bullet hits 
-Vehicle attachment system is now persistent 
-Can remove attachments from vehicles and be refunded for the parts used 
-Fixed 3 buildings that were not spawning loot

Changelog for v0.20-Dec 13, 2015 @ 11:07pm

-Reduced zombie damage to players by %34 
-Separated damaged caused by zombies to vehicles vs players (zombies will no longer 5-6 hit vehicles...boom) 
-Zombies now wonder around if they cannot see or hear a player 
-Zombies can now hear and are attracted to gunshots 
-The sound made while being hit by a zombie no longer plays if zombie is hitting a vehicle with player inside 
-New HUD for health, food, and drink levels 
-Added sound effect for when zombies hit vehicles 
-Removed ArmA3's default stamina system 
-Created Custom Stamina system that is more forgiving than A3's 
-Added Custom stamina to HUD 
-Fixed an issue where zombies wouldn't die to headshots 
-Making sheet metal now requires 2 scrap metal (down from 3) 
-Changed the max possible scrap metal from wreck to 10 (up from 8) 
-Adjusted some base security functions 
-Fixed an issue that caused hunger/thirst to drain quickly while in a vehicle 
-Added in random barrels that spawn near roads - Shoot them and loot will spill out

Changelog for v0.19- Dec 8, 2015 @ 6:03pm

-Fixed a slight issue for zombie noises 
-Updated wood log model and texture 
-Fixed an issue where zombies would bug out and just stand there 
-Fixed an issue with the new door models and adding friends to them 
-Fixed zombie config issue after ArmA3 1.54 update 
-Changed "enableFatigue" to "enableStamina" - Thanks 1.54 A3 update 
-Spent at least 18 hours undoing all the changes the A3 update did to the zombies :( 
-This update is just one big pile of fixes from the ArmA3 patch

Changelog for v0.18-Nov 29, 2015 @ 5:29am

-Fixed a bug where legacy base object's durability would be set to 0 after base repair 
-Added "tactical beards" addon - Go into your profile, under glasses, select a beard if you wish to use one 
-Added EOD like bomb suit with helmet 
-Created "tanky" zombie that is using bomb suit. This zombie is unique and has different attributes from other zombies 
-Added a running version of a few zombies 
-Zombies are now headshot only in order to kill 
-Fixed an issue that would occur with 2 players logging in after a restart at the same time 
-Added in several masks that players can find. Takes up helmet slot 
-Added in function for players in aircraft - Ability to eject from any aircraft and given a parachute 
-Added in more masks that take up the NVG slot - They can be worn with helmets 
-Zombie/dog sounds completely redone - everyone will hear when they get hit now 
-Added in several sounds that players make when hit by a zombie or when taking damage from anything 
-Fixed an issue with health regeneration - if you are above 90 thirst and hunger, it will now regenerate health 
-Added function to lose health if you are below 15 thirst or hunger 
-Completely new textures for all walls, floors, and doors 
-New function - In place object upgrades 
--Look at an object - hit upgrade - it will upgrade the base object to its next stage - wood/metal/concrete 
-Fixed an issue that would cause doors of any type to be set to 1000 durability after repairing - regardless of upgrade level 
-Zombies now have unique "aggro" sounds when they spot players 
-Zombies make noises when they are hit by players 
-All zombie sounds put in this update are provided by Abhorsen! 
-Created Wood ramp object, texture, crafting recipe, and building kit

Changelog for v0.17- Nov 22, 2015 @ 5:04pm

-Removed more legacy code from old materials system (player death related) 
-Now when you die, your screen will go black instead of being able to view your body 
-Fixed a bug where the building and removing animation would be done twice 
-The durability of items will not show while building, removing, or do other actions (this will fix the overlapping of text on your screen) 
-Removed more legacy code from old materials system (player log in related) 
-Removed more legacy code from old materials system (player saving related) 
-Added functions to auto-delete blown up vehicles, allowing new vehicles to spawn 
-Removed more legacy code from old materials system (container saving related) 
-Removed more legacy code from old materials system (vehicle saving related) 
-Reworked what happens with a player dies (death screen + music) 
-Durability will no longer show when looking at non-player built objects 
-Removed timer and debriefing screen when a player dies to avoid respawn confusion 
-Created wooden ladder object, configs, building kit, and crafting recipe 
-Added in an additional background graphic to death screen (Thanks to MaLPaSo!) 
-Death screens are randomized per game launch 
-Fixed an issue with building the new flag object 
-Created proxy on wooden ladder object for a standing point at the top. Would just fall soon as you got to the top 
-Added CBA.V3 Joint rails addon 
-Added CUP Weapons addon 
-Incorporated CUP weapons, magazines, backpacks, and attachments into loot tables 
-Changed the rate at which zombies spawn while near loot builds to every 3 seconds (down from 5) 
-Reworked helicopter crashes- Loot now spawns in piles around the crash instead of in a box 
-Fixed an issue that would cause all base objects to be set to 1000 durability 
-Incorporated CUP vehicles addon into mod and server files 
-Changed server's vehicle spawn list to include CUP vehicles 
-Created attachment loot table to help balance out loot (attachments were in the same table as magazines and toolbelt items) 
-The Night Operations Ghillie suit is now a full body ghillie (like in arma 2) and all of it is now black/dark instead of just the uniform 
-Created a green/light green full ghillie suit 
-Created a green/dark green full ghillie suit 
-Vehicles on whitelisted server have been reset to allow the new vehicle types to spawn

Changelog for v0.16- Nov 14, 2015 @ 7:43pm

-Fixed an issue that wouldn't allow players to remove doors 
-Fixed a configuration error with doors 
-Added in initial functions for snap building 
--while building, press 2 to go into snap mode 
--controls are the same as normal mode 
--Shift 'Q' and Shift 'E' rotate the object while its snapped 
--Press 1 to go back into normal building mode 
-Fixed an issue that didn't allow maintenance or removal of cargo containers 
-Fixed a huge issue where bases would load in up in the air 
-Fixed an issue where a player would load in a few steps behind where they logged off 
-Changed the 10 step process of building or removing to 3 steps (build and remove quicker now)

Changelog for v0.15-  Nov 9, 2015 @ 12:24am

-Fixed some errors with loot spawning 
-Changed blue door hangar building to construction loot table 
-Added sandbag fence (long) crafting recipe, building kit, and function 
-Added sandbag fence (short) crafting recipe, building kit, and function 
-Added sandbag fence (round) crafting recipe, building kit, and function 
-Added sandbag fence (end) crafting recipe, building kit, and function 
-Added sandbag fence (corner) crafting recipe, building kit, and function 
-Removed all ambient life (bees, flies, rabits, snakes, etc) 
-Added Cargo Container (green) crafting recipe, building kit, and function 
-Recreated door(gate) model that actually has animations (woohoo!) 
--however, still needs texture work 
-Added wood, metal, and concrete varients of the new door model 
-Added functions to open and close doors WITHOUT CODES! 
--Only you and who you add to the door as a "friend" can open/close the new door models 
-Changed thirst/hunger level needed to regenerate health to 90 each (down from 95) 
-Slightly raised the rate thirst and hunger degenerates 
-Changed player check on loot clean up to 1000m (up from 500m) 
--Hopefully this will help with loot not spawning at certain points while roaming around 
-Fixed a bug that would cause building objects to stay if player was disconnected while building 
-Added purify actions to water purification tablets 
-Removed more legacy code that was a part of the old gathering system

Changelog for v0.14- ( Nov 1, 2015 @ 10:35pm)

-Created regular sized wood wall 
-Created small sized wood wall 
-Created regular sized wood floor 
-Created small sized wood floor 
-Replaced large sized wood floor with new model (fixes a lot of collision issues) 
-Created Large sized metal wall 
-Created regular sized metal wall 
-Created small sized metal wall 
-Created Large sized metal floor 
-Created regular sized metal floor 
-Created small sized metal floor 
-Created Large sized Concrete wall 
-Created regular sized Concrete wall 
-Created small sized Concrete wall 
-Created Large sized Concrete floor 
-Created regular sized Concrete floor 
-Created small sized Concrete floor 
-Created new crafting function for all future crafting mechanics 
-Added wood logs, lumber, and plywood to new crafting function 
-Added function to Axe-Chop down tree 
-Created Pick Axe object/tool 
-Created Crowbar object/tool 
-Changed the weight of all custom items to 5 (can fit more in inventory) 
-Added function to pick axe - mine rocks 
-Created Shovel object/tool 
-Added function to Crowbar - get scrap metal 
-Created Scrap metal object 
-Created Sandbag object - Thanks to FatTeddyBear! 
-Added function to Shovel - collect sand 
-Created a wooden crate object that'll be used for multiple building kits 
-Added new function that allows the crafting of base object kit's to fit into player's inventories 
-Added Base flag kit - requires 1 concrete bag and 5 iron ore 
-Created kits for each one of the wood, metal, and concrete buildable objects 
-Added functions to lumber and plywood to craft wood wall or floor kits 
-Added function to scrap metal to make sheet metal 
-Added function to create metal floors and walls from sheet metal and iron ore 
-Created "construction" loot table which has all tools and most crafting materials on it 
-Created broken versions are all tools 
-Each time you use a tool, it becomes more worn down. Each tool has 10 uses before becoming broken 
-Broken tools can be fixed by combining the tool with duct tape (duct tape fixes all the things!) 
-Removed a lot of lagacy/dorment code due to new tools and items 
-Turned the background ambient noise down to %50 (down from %100) 
-Created wood, metal, and concrete door (place holder models) 
-Created building kits for each door type 
-Created crafting recipes for each door type

Changelog for v0.13-(October 12, 2015 - 06:47)

-Changed max view distance to 1000 meter (up from 500) 
-Reduced maximum fog level to %25 (down from %75) 
-Added loot spawns for 17 different buildings that were missing loot 
-Fixed issue with zombie spawning 
-Created "medical" loot table for the hospital in Esseker city 
-Changed 4 building types over to "medical" loot table 
-Fixed an issue where loot would double spawn 
-Removed AI from heli crash events (will be added back at a later date) 
-Created new AI for the player to use 
--Extended maximum carry weight to allow full use of night operations gear 
-Created new player login (faster after server is loaded) 
-Reworked vehicles (huge server performance increase) 
-Enabled base destruction (base raiding!) 
-7 new zombie sounds (Thanks to Abhorsen!) 
-1 entire new zombie skin and face (Thanks to MaLPaSo!) 
-Added 10/10 spooky background noises 
-Created dynamic weather effects 
-Changed max zombie per player to 55 (up from 50) 
-Added a skip time function to progress time on server per restart a bit faster 
-Added 2 new textures for offroad/pickup truck 
-Added new weapon - AK47 
-Added dbo bike addon

Changelog for v0.12- (October 4, 2015 - 23:43)

-Loot spawning system completely rehauled
--Loot is now seperated by building type
--4 categories for loot (more will be added later)
--Barracks and other military building yield better gear
--Regular houses yield worse gear but different items needed to survive (drinks/food or meds)
---***If you come acrossed a building that doesn't spawn loot, please take screenshot of building and post it on our bug forums!***
-Tweaks made to player saving
-Changed heli crash event spawn time to every 20-30 minutes (up from 10-20 minutes)
-Created loot clean up server side
-Can now use blood bags to heal, restores all health
-Removed ArmA3's first aid kit from loot tables. You now have to use the bandage, blood bag, or eat food to gain health.
-Removed a backpack from loot tables due it spawning with gear inside.
-Added "item action menu". It is another section when you open your inventory. If an item has additional actions, it will pop up on this custom list. Double click on the action to perform it.
-Added more customization to eating and drinking functions
--Baked beans and bacon restore 20 hunger and 10 health
--Rice and Cereal restore 15 hunger and 5 health
--Drinking Dirty Water Bottle restores 5 thirst and 1 health
--Drinking Clean Water Bottle restores 50 thirst and 5 health
--Soda pops restores 20 thirst and 2 health
--Energy drinks restore 20 thirst and 5 health
--Drinking Dirty Canteen Water restores 5 thirst and 1 health
--Drinking Clean Canteen Water restores 100 thirst and 5 health
-Drinking from bottles or canteens now returns it's empty version
-Changed drink and heart icons
-Added functions to clean dirty water bottles and canteens with water purification tablets
-Added functions to fill empty water bottles and canteens near water
-Removed lootable buildings variable as its no longer needed
-Changed zombie and zombie dog spawning to coinside with loot table changes
-Fixed zombie dog bug that would cause a dog to spawn even if no lootable buildings were around
-Changed spawn radius of both zombie and zombie dog to 200m (down from 250)
-Fixed bug where zombies would spawn in water
-Reduced zombie knock down chance to 3% (down from 5%)
-Drastically changed how zombies target player
--Should fix issues with zombies hitting through walls
--Gives players chance to "lose" zombie
--Added line of sight functions on zombies
--Bug found-sometimes zombies will walk straight through solid objects (buildings, vehicles, ect)

Changelog for v0.115- (September 30. - 2015 - 05:54)

-Re-wrote player syncing to improve server performance 
-Various other small fixes 
-Removed an easter egg picture what was not suppose to be in mod files

Changelog for v0.11- (September 28. - 2015 - 09:01)

-Changed total zombies per player to 50 (down from 75) 
-Changed the spawn and despawn radius of zombie to 250 (down from 350) 
-Removed debugging code server side to cut down on log sizes 
-Added license to the top of all files 
-Removed NVS and Nightstalker scopes from loot tables 
-Changed intro jet and explosions to createVehicleLocal 
-Added bug to briefing - IF YOU LOAD IN WITHOUT YOUR GEAR! Please disconnect completely and relaunch your game. 
-Several server side optimizations 
-Added new weapon and ammo - Lee Enfield 
-Added new weapon and ammo - M1014 shotgun 
-Added new weapon and ammo - Saiga12k 
-Updated knife model and texture 
-Several player login fixes 
-Added configs for zombie identities to remove log spam. 
-Added item - sandbag 
-Added item - concrete bag 
-Added new zombie uniform - Abhorsen's Icon 
-Added new zombie face - from MaLPaSo