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To use any item in Decimation Mod, the item needs to be in your inventory. Hover over the item to see the description. Double left-click on the item to show it's actions menu. The Action Menu will show to the right side of the inventory screen. Left-click the action you wish to perform.

  • Hunger and Hydration

Food and drink can restore lost hunger or hydration levels. Every food and drink restores these stats overtime and not all at once. Each type restores different amounts and some may cause sickness. Achieving above 90% hunger and hydration will slowly restore health overtime. Upon reaching 0% of either hunger or hydration, you will lose health rapidly.

  • Stamina

This stat dictates if your character can run or swing melee weapons. Upon reaching 0%, your character will only be able to walk. Certain drinks can restore Stamina. Taking a rest by not moving can also restore Stamina.

  • Health

Upon reaching 0%, your character dies.

  • Medical

There is several Medical items and each one serves a different purpose. Hover over a medical item while in your inventory to view its description.

  • Temperature

Temperature has been added in version 0.60. The Temperature is Body Heat, not environmental or area temperature. Many things can positively or negatively affect your body temperature. Once your reach 99.5f, you will lose hydration more rapidly. 100.9f will double this effect. Upon reaching 104f, you will start losing health. When reaching 95f, you will be sick regardless of taking vitamins or antibiotics. Reaching 90f, you will lose health. When at these thresholds, the temperature meter on the HUD will flash between red/blue (depending on if too hot or too cold) and white.

What increases Temperature?

  1. Daytime
  2. Being inside of buildings
  3. Wearing a Jacket
  4. Being near an open fire (fireplace, wrecked vehicle, anything with open flame)
  5. Using a Heat Pack
  6. Moving and/or running
  7. Wearing any hat or helmet
  8. Being inside of a vehicle

What Decreases Temperature?

  1. Nighttime
  2. Being in water
  3. Not having a uniform or clothing equipped
  4. Rain
  5. Heavy Overcast (Clouds lower overall area temperature)
  6. Heavy Wind
  7. Not having a hat or helmet equipped
  8. Elevation (higher you are, the colder you become)

Any tips to avoid negative temperature effects?

From Shogun - During testing, I found myself always keeping a fireplace kit on my character, along with a spare Jacket. This was because sometimes you would be caught in a downpour with no buildings or vehicles near by. This was only a real problem up north on Chernarus. Heat Packs are useful but do not rely on them. If you have to get in water, have a plan to warm yourself up once you're out. If it is not raining and it's during the day, have some space in your pack to take off your hat/helmet and jacket as running can overheat you pretty quickly if the conditions are right. It seems that when you have to stop to restore stamina, that your temperature equals out if you were warming up from running. There is a bug with loot piles. If you're near a fireplace and not gaining heat, make sure you're not standing on a loot pile (even if you placed something on the ground, that still counts), something about it disables detecting the open flame.

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